STATE is closed.

STATE is an online exhibition platform that features new projects and statements by artists who use the internet as a primary element in their work. The goal of STATE is to engage a more substantial online viewership and initiate critical dialog.

Rene Abythe
Lauren Brick
Chris Collins
Nick DeMarco
Caitlin Denny
Tara Downs
Constant Dullaart
Jacob Broms Engblom
Bea Fremderman
Parker Ito
Brian Khek
Sara Ludy
Pierre Lumineau
Duncan Malashock
Kate Malykh
Jules Marquis
Eilis McDonald
Katja Novitskova
Christian Oldham
Niko Princen
Federico Proietti
Jon Rafman
Michael Ray-Von
Tabor Robak
Gabriel Sabando
Ben Schumacher
Timur Si-Qin
Kate Steciw
Brad Tinmouth
Mitch Trale
Artie Vierkant